With visualisation being such an important part of the Building Design process, our expertise has proved that 3D Visual representation of a new design is the most effective approach to see your design come to life without having to start construction. Our professional 3D Rendering Team can use their strong eye for detail, lighting, and angles to transform a 2D floor plan into a highly detailed 3D Render that is ready for anything. Our 3D Renders are designed to impress, whether it's Council, your family and friends, or the Property Market. Contact Xpress Building Design to find out how we can bring your design to life in more ways than one.

3D Floor Plans

With the help of our 3D floor plans, you can get a bird's-eye view of each space and determine how to make the most of it. Giving potential buyers a visual is also really helpful when marketing your property.

3D Perspective Renders

Our architectural 3D renders are stunning images that bring your floor plan to life. They can offer a visual representation of the exterior colour scheme and materials selected. To demonstrate how adaptable the internal areas are, virtual furniture staging can be added.

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3D Video Visualisation

We are able to produce virtual 3D videos that show off the interior or exterior of your house or development. Enhancing the light from dusk to dawn can also offer appeal and additional visuals. These realistic films give you the chance to truly experience your design.

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