For development projects of any scale and location, Xpress Building Design can create a comprehensive Working Drawings Package. Your Working Drawings Package will consist of essential documents and plans that not only form part of a standard Building Permit Application, but also contains information that your Builder and their tradespeople will use to complete your project.

With hands-on construction experience and a strong network of successful Builders and Tradespeople who have been using plans from Xpress Building Design for the last twenty years, our Working Drawings Packages are crafted to a high standard that remains easy to understand, readable and detailed enough for your Building Team to complete your project without complication.

Our stress-free method and Working Drawings Package will allow for you and your Builder to engage a Building Surveyor and begin the Building Permit Process to get you one step closer to starting construction on your site. With many different Building Surveyors across Victoria who have their own understanding and interpretation of the relevant Building Codes, it's a standard part of the process that each Surveyor will issue a Building Permit Checklist outlining items and/or queries that need addressing before they can issue a Permit.

Our work does not end with the completion of the Working Drawings Package, we remain by your side throughout the Building Permit Application process, liaising with your Builder and Building Surveyor to address any items or questions related to the works we completed as part of our Working Drawings Package.

Nothing makes the Xpress Building Design team happier than seeing our designs come to life, so we're here to help you also during the construction process if your Builder or relevant tradesperson has any questions or queries concerning the documentation provided as part of our Working Drawings Package.



  • Property Information Certificates are formally obtained for each lot.

  • These certificates explain if the property is located in a Bushfire Area, Alpine Area, Termite Prone area, etc.

  • Stormwater Discharge Points are obtained from the local Council

  • Easement details are obtained from the Water Authority and Council


  • Town Planning Drawings are converted to Working Drawings

  • All specifications and technical details are completed

  • Fire Rating items are considered and resolved at this stage with the assistance of a Fire Engineer (if required)


  • Conduct Soil Reports and provide assessment

  • Complete Energy Rating Report and provide certification

  • Engineers complete the footing and slab design, frame design and Stormwater drainage design

  • Engineers certify the Structural/Civil design and provide computations

  • Bushfire Attack Level Report completed (if required)


  • All documentation is handed over to the Client

  • All Town Planning is complete

  • All working drawings & Supporting Documentation complete

  • Client may apply for a Building permit or tender to Builders to quote for construction

The Working package includes

1. Working Drawings
2. Structural Engineering Drawings & Bracing Plan
3. Stormwater Civil Drainage Design
4. Soil Report & Wind Rating Classification
5. Site Contours/Levels Plan
6. NatHERS Energy Rating Report
7. Council Property Information Certificate
8. Legal Pont of Discharge
9. Easement Details
10. BAL Assessment Report (if required)
11. Footing Probe (if required)

Working drawings consist of

Site Plan
Floor Plans & Dimensions
Sectional Detail
Construction Details


Slab Design
Upper floor(s) Structural Design
Structural Details (as required)
Stormwater Civil Drainage Design

This is all prepared by Xpress Building Design ready for you to hand over to your chosen Builder to make a Building Permit Application to their preferred Building Surveyor. Building Permit Approval is the final stage for you to start construction.

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