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xpress building design


A young couple who had just been married came to us wanting to build their ideal house on the property they had recently purchased. Since it was their first property, they didn't know where to begin, which made the entire process daunting for them. In order to make their project successful, we worked with a square footage they could afford when designing their new home within their budget.
Capturing street presence was challenging due to the block's unusual shape. In addition, the location had a challenging approach and departure route, which worried the clients so to allow them to depart in a forward’s direction, we designed a sweeping vehicle diagram and a reversing area.
Although it was not required, this was another area we focused on because we felt it was crucial to the overall access-related flow of the house. At the conclusion of the process, the clients expressed their extreme satisfaction and happiness. From that point on, we also collaborated with their chosen builder to make sure we continued to give our clients comfort up until a building permit was given.

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