Dual Occupancy Development

xpress building design


This project began rather differently. Our client had originally started with an architect, but the application was denied by the council. She subsequently applied to VCAT, where VCAT again rejected the application. She contacted us after learning about the positive feedback we had received regarding our results.
Since she had a negative experience with her previous designer, we wanted to establish trust with the customer. As we kept her informed and current throughout the entire process—which was by itself a completely different experience from what she just went through—the trust quickly grew.
She enlisted our help because she wanted a side-by-side development even though she was aware that her previous application had been denied and there was a good chance we may find ourselves in a similar situation.
Every phone call or meeting we had with the council, we made sure the owner was present because it was crucial to us that they were aware of the status of their application and that everyone was on the same page. We worked closely with the council and the client to address any issues the council may have had.
Knowing the res-code requirements and how to make the most of available space allowed us to resolve concerns voiced by the council and produce a solution that satisfied everyone.
We were granted a planning permit in just six months. The owner then constructed the two townhouses, which recently sold and set a local record.

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