xpress building design


An extension was required for a modest site that was brought to us by a regular builder who uses our services. The goal was to prevent any requests for dispensation reports, or consents from council, and to make the application process as seamless as possible, which was accomplished.
To accommodate our clients' expanding family, we modernised the rear of the dwelling and widened the floor plan. Extensive shadow diagrams were needed to show that our proposed extension had no effect on the neighbouring unit complex next door, whose recreational yard size could not be further reduced during certain hours of the day. This was made possible by the estimated footprint, which was as large as it could be on this location.
The decision was made to leave the rear carport in place because its removal would cause further complications with adjoining dwellings. It was challenging to work with this and to ensure that our own proposal complied with the required yard space, but the final result was a happy client and a successfully completed project.

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